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(free) 04:17


released August 24, 2005

Recorded at studio B Questa, NM spring 2005 by
Jeff Davenport, David Costanza & Larry Yes
Produced by Art of Flying & Jamie Smith.
mastered by Ben Wright at SoundConstruction, NM.



all rights reserved


Art Of Flying Taos

Art of Flying is the songs of David Costanza & Anne Speroni set to music by an ever-changing cast of talented co- conspiritors. Their songs are hazy & beautiful, content to balance contradictions: critics calling them at first "clear & bright" & then in the next sentence, "creaky & weird;" Italian magazine BLOW-UP called them "the best-kept secret in American music of the new century." ... more

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Track Name: what the magpie said
the earth was born a frozen bitter twin of light
a mouth full of nasty tasting to wake a sleeping
everlasting & give the fallen falling
& send the fliers flying
into the mouth the word to quiet
into the mind the rifle diet

& all the horses of the moon
drag both night & day
& as the clouds of eyes awoke
I heard the magpie say:

that "everyone talks of love
ever since yr tale began
why can't you face the fact
it's never going to be perfect
little miracle little miracle
tell Annie to come over
I'm like...'the snow is falling
the beautiful is not forgotten.'"

& all the horses...

"everyone talks of love
so you fail to raise the dawn
still you made me, my dear,
as if the dawn was already here
so...sing all contagious
& bring yr love machine
I'm just a pool of tears
to build the timeless sea."

"everyone talks of love
while the mother of all the world
holds out her hands to you
another chance to win to lose
what did we do babe?
to spin the earth so madly?
to succeed to miserably?
you who I love so dearly?"
Track Name: sad song
hear the hummingbird in my window
staring straight at me
say: "get yr guitar boy & sing me into pretty poetry."
We are flutter flashing red inside our heart's memory

everybody knows life comes & life goes
but still I'm so sad today

getting lucky as a glimmer in yr star-shaped ring
of the miracle 10,000 ways I sing
like a guru like a pretty girl that changes everything

everybody knows love comes & love goes
but still I'm so sad today

what was that clever thing
I told to you only yesterday?
it slips my mind now but I know it won't
do me much good today
I thought the bird was free
but no one gives the answer away.

everybody knows light comes & light goes
but still I'm so sad today.
Track Name: song for coins tossed
down by the water's edge some coins tossed
a secret given just between you & me
tossed with some old wish that sparkled-up
the water's surface
wave-tossed & already free

& now we sleep
now we reply
& now the dream slips off again

I say yr lovely I love you & some other things
how will I see you my friend?
you say: "we will struggle & struggle
for the beginning
but O how we'll love the end!"

& now we sleep...

some days are so beautiful you wander 'round
singing songs feel the world
down to yr bones
the next day yr stumbling & mumbling
all the wrong things
feeling so crazy alone
& some days are just perfect love
for spilling beans & naming names
stung like a bee on the vine
but, today just feels broken love
fear rains & murder won
& I know it ain't yours & mine.

& now we sleep...

I took an old song a lost song
a broken song
& spun all the old words around
to sing about everything & nothing
& what's in-between
just to get lost in the sound.
Track Name: the sailor's song
th' sailor leads us through the liquid bamboo light
music echoes in my ears
an old man appears in the water warning all:
"you eat the cow yr eating fear."

you disappeared in the diag late one night
we looked & looked for you for hours
the police wanted to know everybody's name
I said my name was 'purple flowers.'

it was all so spirally & everything was so new
you see that I've forgotten what was
me & what was you
blow home on the wind boys!
blow home on the wind!

finding ourselves in the music machine
five bands for only five dollars
fucking amazing they can sing & play so well
going home to study yr 'toots' records.

it was all so spirally...

I wonder if I told you everything
I wonder if I even tried
staying up for years in the O.C. coastal haze
where yr not supposed to lie.
Track Name: foolish moon
foolish moon yr secrets all got said
now yr broken heart is tucked in bed
were you just too old?
did she tell you yr so faraway?
so unlike you friend to blame the stars
but hey...

here we are in a day as dark as any night
roll time roll through our play
& bring the truth to light.

round & round like a pretty little song
a summer day's too short
a winter night's too long
I went to see you yr belly full of hours
tangled up in new & head to toe in flowers

here we are...

(bridge): when I became so frustrated
I wept outside yr door:
"I just can't call these mother-fuckers
mother-fuckers anymore."

so we became to see
we did what we had to see
that shining sparkling grace
that smile upon yr face.

Bobby D. in the kitchen
slipping into world cup girls
I love you roller-coaster
even when you make hurl

so we became to see...

& now you leave
no sweet good-byes
my waning eloquence
still bathed in pearly-blue

you can disappear
but I'll never be alone
now the smallest thing
a giant mind of its own.

here we are...
Track Name: song for orion
I placed a star upon yr name
& I was born into the wind
& beauty was an endless flame
I loved you now I loved you then

O longing longing ecstasy
O train into the west
now something is revealed to me
now something sweet is lost.

the little girl all filled with light
a morning bright a morning clear
has wandered out into the night
a morning clear a morning bright

O longing longing long lost
O heart into the east
as tiny as a coin to toss
as giant as the trees.

when all the little kings & queens
have squandered & destroyed this place
we'll sing into the setting sun
has lit a fire upon our face

O longing...

I placed a star upon yr name
one hand for light one hand for love
& sang for pretty Orion
who waits so patiently above.

O longing...
Track Name: song for the listener
something strange in the hood
they kill the body but they cannot touch the blood
we left a fortune
on the shore

O listener
come close enough to see
there is another world too beautiful to be.

find the moon above yr door
will we talk about the weather evermore?
I heard yr name called out
the other day.

O listener...

I felt the tides inside of you
clear from moonlight's to the pool at valley view
as the heavens were
with no blame.

O listener...
Track Name: song for my peeps
the people became so numerous
O lover can you hear?
that all the gods got all depressed
O lover can you hear?
this was the most terrible mess
how day becomes the night
I want to sing into the mess
then I run away to meet you

you know yr always on my list
O mother can you hear?
then drink some wine go out & piss
O mother can you hear?
the wise fools the kitchen circus
how night becomes the day
I want to bring you some of this O I

born born blind again
I'm follow folloowing you my friends
& there is no army that can stop
this miracle of lovers today.

pies in the sky pies down below
O father can you hear?
we learn to fly or something close
O father can you hear?
pretty girls & holy ghosts
how day becomes the night
I want to find us some of those
then I run away to meet you

& then we rise up everywhere
O daughter can you hear?
& I'm so glad that you are there
O daughter can you hear?
birds' nests & mermaids in the air
how night becomes the day
I want to find you everywhere O I...

born blind blind again...

the guitar blows the trumpet plays
O brother can you hear?
see how the superflux amaze
O brother can you hear?
I want to jump out of these days
how day becomes the night
I want to get out of my way my way my way my way to meet you

& then I stumbled metaphorically
O sister can you hear?
& then I stumbled actually
O sister can you hear?
that rainy night that old movie
I came all wet & late but I'm never late to meet you...

born born blind again...
Track Name: butterfly song
wings like a butterfly
mouth full of june
I ignored all warnings & flew to the moon
the knife & the fork & the spoon were all there
we cut up the king & we braided the air

peace...where could you be?
held in a real to me
now all of my magic powers are gone

beneath the high wire
I watched from the stairs
with wings made of fire you danced through the air
we blew on our horns with a music so sweet
when nobody listened we rolled up the street

O peace...where did you go?
held in a dream so long ago
now all of my magic powers are gone

now the beach is deserted
the water's too cold
I winked at the moon & I said:
"don't get old!"
I crept through yr garden
& climbed up yr hair
but I was mistaken
you weren't even there...

O peace where could you be...?
Track Name: song for the infrastructure
gentlemen observe the infrastructure
all my aches aching
all my hearts breaking into song again
out of every big & small adventure
eyes like astronauts
dream forget-me-knots turn into song again

& you never want to be the only one
something sweet is ending
something sweet's begun

greetings to the tree of you
stolen laughing lines
friendly intertwines turn into songs again
& all that sleeping next to you
so unclear to me
but O so dear to me
we reach for songs again

& you never want to be the only one
something true is her & something true is gone

gentlemen observe how light is buzzing
& breath turns waterfalls
when beauty hurts us all
we reach for songs again
& every little cause of me
my heart beats so alive
in spite of all this nation jive
we reach for songs again

& you never want to be the only one
something true is ending
something true is begun

lover what brings you here?
all my roofs leaking
all my bed squeaking
into songs again
Track Name: nightwhithered
dreams dreams to fill yr head
winter comes & dreams instead
night whispers no reply
nightwhithered you & I

in all the lifetimes we held so fast
in all the lessons that we lost
night whispers no reply
nightwhithered you & I

so fly away without another word
to some forgiven tranquil shore
come winter when all awaits the new
I'll see you again

my father kissed me on the ear
then waved goodbye & disappeared
night whispers no reply
nightwhithered you & I

we come & go that's nothing new
we're spring's green leaves & suannee too
night whispers no reply
nightwhithered you & I

so now the secret's out my dear
we fly to heaven then fall to earth
come winter when all awaits the new
I'll see you again.
Track Name: born to follow
yr tears were golden light upon my hand
you sang the heavens floated on the sea
when beauty rears its ugly head
when every rain drops misery

under heaven the thunder rolls
its messages in shadows hid
don't waste away yr wind
you were only born to follow

who hides the night? who rides the wind?
who rings the bells of happiness?
whose one invention is the end?
whose wheel brings nothing whose wheel brings death

under heaven...

we poured our blood into the fields
& left with nothing but the air
we could not eat yr promises
& starve to death while no one cares

in yr voice I disappear
& I am held like blood is held
this is the place where jesus fell
& yr only born to follow

arise arise yr work is done
the fields are buried with the dead
& now it looks like no one won
some dreams awaken some dreams are dead

under heaven the thunder rolls
its messages in shadows hid
don't waste away yr wind
you were only born to follow.