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(free) 02:31


released March 3, 2003

produced by Larry Yes & David Costanza
recorded at STUDIO B Questa, NM spring 2003
by David Costanza & Larry Yes.
All songs: (ASCAP) littleheartlittledove



all rights reserved


Art Of Flying Taos

Art of Flying is the songs of David Costanza & Anne Speroni set to music by an ever-changing cast of talented co- conspiritors. Their songs are hazy & beautiful, content to balance contradictions: critics calling them at first "clear & bright" & then in the next sentence, "creaky & weird;" Italian magazine BLOW-UP called them "the best-kept secret in American music of the new century." ... more

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Track Name: NewMEXloveSONGforSUMMER
breath of a new morning cloudy old reminders
snow fell on my summer
my memories they all melt together
I thought my love was sleeping
I thought the earth was all
smiling just for facing leaving just a
nothing at all
there's a theory that what's lost to you is
only lost forever then never ever ever
shows its face again

this place deserves a song smiling always on yr face
who will love to understand?
who will run the human race?
see how our age is dead hear how the glory is gone
certainly the old & dying can see now how the
new must be born must be borne
let the ones who would make us cheap
take themselves out of the way
& never ever ever ever...

now that yr fancy free tell me the road to take
when you get ripped apart
would you like it done to you by love or hate?
where are we going to go? what are we going to be?
you told me I was missing then you looked a lot
like me a lot like me
there's a theory....
Track Name: I Lost My Ring
I lost my ring owed to a memory
the wonderfullest thing the soul to keep her, see
who am I? no one you would believe
boots of elvin kind head full of silver leaves

lashed to orbits lashed to sea
our song could not be heard
we floated around as wonders
stolen from the earth

silly me await on a light out of the east
the pretty pieces lost a beautiful girl from the mid-west
who am I? wouldn't you love to know?
from yr cold green eyes down to yr feet below

lashed to orbits lashed to see
our song could not be heard
we floated around as wonders
stolen from the earth

I lost my ring ode to a memory
the wonderfullest thing the soul to keep her see
who am I? something the wind swept away
when the world got lost & left for another day.
Track Name: love song for emma goldman
emma with yr golden light dancing on my tongue
the ship of me is old as heaven the song forever young
will I find you? will I find you now?

sister sister in the meadow tell me what you see
if you don't get humble from the flower
you'll get it from the bee

will you find me? will you find me now?

mirror mirror on the wall what was that you said?
'the prettiest face in all the world
is there inside your head.'

will I? will you?
Track Name: when it's over
day once dawn a steeple bell 1 for heaven 2 for hell
a spoon full of sugar to butterfly us all
through the body's port of call

when it's over we swear it can't be over
cuz nothing really changes at all
Track Name: SpringTime
Here comes Spring beginner's Luck
to dance on Winter's 'what the fuck?'
& where it's Sweetest there I'll suck
O SpringTime Lallee-lallee-lay

See my Loves blown far & wide
a Paradise to jump & hide
for was made from Rain & Shine &
SpringTime lallee-lallee-lay

& Blow you old North Wind again
blow me Bright as Breath & then

Blow my angry birds & bees
old deluded Memories
& make a Good thing out of me
O SpringTime...

& blow you old North Wind...

High above where Sorrow flies
that RainCloud with 1000 eyes
our Endless spinning Lulla-bye
O SpringTime...

Long ago a Fairy's Feat
when Wishes still brought something Sweet
you Dissapeared now I believe in
Track Name: your summer dress
around here nothing stays the same
we don't waste words we know everyone's to blame
oceans full of golden wishes
mouths full of old delicious
hang on to yr dreams my love

morning clear are you just another dream
too big for words? let my words bust out the seams
say a prayer for dearly misses
who fiddled while you licked the dishes
hang on to yr dreams...

my silly dog is sleeping in the street
yr summer dress is sweet enough to eat
you know I want to live to see it
I give advice but don't believe it
hang on to yr dreams...

mother dear let me hold the tune
who dear to us wouldn't leave too soon?
where to go when no one calls you
& all this murder just appalls you
hang on to yr dreams my love.
Track Name: yourRIDDLE
it's wet & grey outside
& if I ignore the mountains so amazing
it kind of looks like England staring out yr window

all riddles all bets aside
yr vision just too bright to see

when fear had come to stay
& all I knew of magic was this song
& not one single hair of us is out of place

all visions all bets aside
yr riddle just too bright to see

you went out to fix the world
screaming like a child who would believe
it's stunning to be open seen & not heard?

& I, well...where was I?
lost inside a morning's bell I lied
unable to be broken unable to set free

all visions...

& now I want to flower
& now I want to open every door
don't want top be no hippy sleeping on yr floor

all riddles
Track Name: what else is new?
I'm high as a kite I'm buzzing like a bee
there's flowers on yr cherry tree
so come out sister & play with me
when nobody knows what is going to be
why is that still so hard to see?

I'm a thousand miles away what else is new?
it's the same old stars the same old moon
& I wish I could be there to see you through
but everything comes slow, so slow to me
why is that still so hard to see?

Mariah had to tell you the world's no fair
it's the world we made the world we have to share
& our masters gone away & I don't care
we try like hell to set the other free
why is that still so hard to see?
Track Name: fuck you america for being so full of lies
hear my fluttering worn song of the other
who dares to make no difference over & over
I'll be yr butterfly floating on the sea
won't you run away with me?

now 25,000 hungry march on bunker hill
to complicate the masters & liberate the still
waiting on the brave waiting on the free
won't you?...

'twas a red, white & blue day with everything complete
the houses the churches the middle of the street
but we couldn't eat yr kingdom or yr slavery
won't you?...

& the air was getting caustic & freedom was a fable
& fate got so pissed off at us I hid beneath the table
then I flew out of yr whispers & yr misery
won't you?...

& the crowned king of america
was caught without his pants
& was stomped to death by song & dance
you told me this was my land & so I did believe
won't you?...

& that's the way the wind blows
& disappears all our traces
& wipes out all our footprints
& blows off all our faces
now I'm blind sister blind & everything's in my mind
won't you?...

hear my fluttering...
Track Name: love song for cella
there you are with the world inside you
spinning like a temple bell
striped like rings around the moon
a kiss that stirred the stars to tell
in this heaven that we breathe
through this hell of make believe

I was there I watched you dance
I heard the sea call out yr name
would I love another chance
to find you home & play yr game
we cannot touch or so it seems
we teach each other how to dream

don't listen to the world go in go in
don't settle for pretend go in go in
you are my joy to sing
we don't prove anything

I hid beneath the organ's cry
& slept beneath yr mystery
I woke up laughing then goodbye
& watched the world return to me
say yr prayers & don't ask why
we teach each other how to cry

don't listen to the world...

it's raining now I'm singing to the birds
I want yr wishes to come true
I know that you hear every word
I'd like to bring this rain to you
make yr wishes on the sea
we are what we've never seen

don't listen to the world...