youAREtheWORLD youAREnotTHEworld

by Art Of Flying



found sounds/mixes/messes & out-takes from 'garden of earthly delights' & 'eye full of lamp' started at the BARN recorder fall 1998 finished at Studio B Questa, NM spring 2005.


released April 4, 2004

produced by David Costanza & Larry Yes
mastered by Ben Wright with the SOUNDconstruction mobile unit.

All songs: (ASCAP) littleheartlittledove



all rights reserved


Art Of Flying Taos

Art of Flying is the songs of David Costanza & Anne Speroni set to music by an ever-changing cast of talented co- conspiritors. Their songs are hazy & beautiful, content to balance contradictions: critics calling them at first "clear & bright" & then in the next sentence, "creaky & weird;" Italian magazine BLOW-UP called them "the best-kept secret in American music of the new century." ... more

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Track Name: comeMYlover
come my lover come remember
come in all yr budding splendour
see the world is only nine days old & so are we

our beauty falls our freshly springs
we waver & fall ceaselessly & cause the rainbow
but it seems we don't remember now

NOT in the flower I found it difficult

one to love you one to leave you
then remember nothing saves you
we are two birds laughing at the talk of dreamers

WE should be naked but it's too cold right now

our wisdom hidden in the flower
& we will never know tomorrow the false forgotten
now go & thank the heavens it is so.
Track Name: nighttricked
immaterial material
innumerable number
a formless form &
a shapeless shape
& a powerlessness & a power
& an insubstantial substance
& a motionless motion
& an inactive activity
& a provider of provisions
a divinity of divinity.
Track Name: critical mass/Simone
Simone on her deathbed lay & I am old
forgotten everything
once a place the cold winds could lay our bodies done unto the enemy born in wicked light of earth our
bumbling little orbits into everything
here we lived from soul to soul our words of love
were not of nothing

we were told as we were born we could be anything
at all the call of love would cause the eye
to see it.

The beauty-pangs the battle-fields the cause to believe in
the crowd disputing cast upon this stream of lies
o' son of anger son of light
see the sorrow everywhere the infiniteness
of resistance
can you hear the baby crying the moon up crowing:
"you were once this young"?

we were told...

...anyone with half a brain knows you kill the Fascists
they just come back again
do you wonder why we wandered here?
our freedom love is anywhere.
Track Name: where is the peace (that's meant to be)?
now the riches now the lies
now the wind that swept my eyes
blows my love across the sea

where is the peace that's meant to be
when the dead they do not wish it?

there's a cold place that i love
there we watch us from above
& every least shall sing of love

where is the peace...

here the cooling sun is seen
hear the scattered start to sing
& every word reveals the stain

where is the peace...

now the bombs fall from the sky
now the fearless are all lies
now there's no place left to hide

where is the peace?