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This album was recorded at the Barn Recorder, Questa, NM
Engineered by Mike Stanioch & Mixed by David Costanza & Anne Speroni--08/08/08-04/05/09.
Mastered by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service.


released September 9, 2009

Peter Halter: drums
Anne Speroni: bass, vocals, piano
David Costanza: guitars, vocals, trumpet, piano
Sesshu Morgan Pappert: trombone, vibes, oud, clarinet
Chris Schoen: guitar
Diana Senechal: cello
natalie Carlton: synthesiser on 'what say you moon?'
Ben Wright: trombone, tuba
Scott Moore: vocals on 'love song for larry yes.'

All songs written by David Costanza except: thOUGH the LIGHT seem SMALL: music Anne Speroni, words David Costanza. "everything in this life is just a job 'cept when we harmonize," is lifted from a Catherine Irwin/FreakWater

ANALOG rules our BRAZEN HEARTS, but without
THESE friends, well
Dan Alexander, Eddie Ciletti, Scott Jarrett, Murali Levine
& Steve Sadler. Nick Hearman recorded the piano & guitar for 'though the light seem small.'

All songs: (ASCAP) littleheartlittledove



all rights reserved


Art Of Flying Taos

Art of Flying is the songs of David Costanza & Anne Speroni set to music by an ever-changing cast of talented co- conspiritors. Their songs are hazy & beautiful, content to balance contradictions: critics calling them at first "clear & bright" & then in the next sentence, "creaky & weird;" Italian magazine BLOW-UP called them "the best-kept secret in American music of the new century." ... more

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Track Name: little memory
sleep little memory dream little memory
fly you are color I am waiting for your
lips we are question kiss
we are answer
fingertips that twirl inside the flower
you were wings I was
never falling forever
once upon a time I was the child inside you
darling lover now i am only
hanging from moonlight & my
little memory is your
this was the kind of song I didn't think
I could get down with, but it's the kinda song
my mama likes to sing along with
when I feel this wicked & charming my Kalashnikov
cradled in my arms again my darling

we come back to take our riffs father Elvis
from the phony punk-rock corporatists pretty Dolly
& when the needle hits the tracks
just say it daddy, "there's no turning back."

We don't need yr dead to dream on
we don't need yr head to scream
we're sick sick sick of you know what I means
bring me to my knees again holy lover

Waking in the garden of yr fingertips
I manifest in Memphis play homage to the hips
don't worry baby if the
wolf is in chic clothing
his stomach stuffed to bloating
what winters yet remain?

we come back to take our dreams father Elvis
from the televisions & the magazines pretty Dolly
come out now Bobby D.
come out & sting the bee that we might
change the world again

we don't need...

surf music in the KaliYuga, baby
I heard you said I was the combination of the two
I will miss you watery planet
my secret heart...let's just say you found it

we come back to take our words father elvis
from the greedy hippies with the managers pretty Dolly
& if you dare remove the plastic
our ritual schematic is perfect harmony

we don't need....
Track Name: BindWeed & AppleBlossom
you don't have to tell me
it's all about the money
you don't have to listen this will still be yr song
darling you're so pretty
i wish I could believe you
now the wind is blowing me back
to where I belong

BindWeed & AppleBlossoms
space-shuttles & slot-machine fixers
riddles & consequences
god's chillen everyone of us
ashes to ashes we fall down

in the land of television
you could think that god is broken
but that's just yr mind
our hearts could never feel that way
when I tried to stop the drinking
I couldn't hang with empty working
now the pretty universe is begging me to sing

BindWeed & AppleBlossoms...

(bridge) & when the world asks you...
will you come in?
& when yr love whispers begin
will you begin?

Stranger when you found me
some half-baked broken singer
lost in wordy ruins
so intolerably sad
you took a drop from my tears
& sewed it into a new dream
stood up on the table
& sang "go for it man."

BindWeed & AppleBlossoms...
Track Name: the GARDEN's song
I tried to bring the Rain so You wouldn't leave
my silly little Heart that could not believe
I was under a spell who cares how I fell?
for now I'm the Garden that you Rain upon.
I'm sorry for the Mess I've fallen so far
trying much too hard to be who we Are
my Brother the tune my Sister the Moon
& I am the Garden that you Rain upon.
Pretty yellow Leaves my Secret alone
I weave inside yr Mouth a Mystical Home
come whisper to me that Nobody's Free
& I am the Garden that you Rain upon.
Flower my Love Flower undone
I Wander through my World & Thank Everyone
I spiral through Space & Smile through yr Face
for Now I'm the Garden that You Rain upon.
Track Name: What Say You, MOON?
what say you Moon? is it YES or is it NO?
come ON show us what's so Explosive
what you couldn't Breathe to me Anymore
Does yr Garden my dear Love have a Door?

who called You Rain? I impatiently await another Name
it's all so thrilling to sing about Drilling until I woke
a million Pretty pieces on yr Floor
does yr Garden my dear Love have a Door?

(chorus) FATHER! FATHER! point the WAY
buried Deep beneath the seen though I can't Begin it
i must begin to Destroy the white Lie
You know I can't Diss/obey throw haunting Hugenesses in my WAY, but when yr truth gets uttered down here
I dissapear & yr Tears flood through my Eyes.

& NOW you Dream
when there's nothing left of me to Scream
I went wandering through yr Wiring
just to Wind Up finding myself again on yr Shore
does yr Garden my dear Love have a Door?
Track Name: WAKE UP! Little Susie II
wake up little susie & come out of yr head
the movie's over & the world's on fire
go tell yr mama there's a band in yr bed
go tell yr papa that the leaders are liars
wake the wine-dark sea
wake the snot-green sea
wake yr beautiful bride
wake the lover by yr side
ooh laa laa went the radio dark ages
we're down in davey jones' where they push & shove
& the groovy little surfs want their minimum wages
& the pretty little freaks want their food cooked with love
bang!bang!bang! on yr crying places
thank yr papa that the world could never leave us alone
& yr mama's pretty smile looks so wicked on yr faces
I want to talk about it all night long
wake up little susie though I know it's so frightening
but it never really matters if yr friends find out
go tell yr mama you get off in the lightning
go tell yr papa that you twist & shout
Track Name: Love Song for Larry Yes
Thank you Brother Larry Yes for sending me a Lull-a-bye
I hum it when the Morning's Blood is Rising until
Night's Smoke gets in my eyes & then I
Anchor to the misery & bench another dozen Rhymes &
Hollar out that
'Everything in this Life is just a Job 'cept when we Harmonize.'

BEAUTIFUL WORLD,... I wanna be yr

o Flower Flower on the Hill
Here's what the people call advice they say:
"don't put yr eggs all in one basket & you'll go
straight to paradise," but I know you want to throw
yr Pedals all away don't you Pretty Poppy Flower?
cuz you Know that throwing everything away is
really How we Live Forever...

o YOU...

Now I'm supposed to call up my best friends & ask them
what to Sing about next
Pedro saw the Hezbolah in Texas buying all the
bullets & the bullet-proof vests & I want
to runaway want to change the world make it some
Pretty thing to say, but I can't afford to dream anymore
& I don't want to Sleep all Day.

o YOU...
Track Name: Kiss Kiss
i sing goodnight to my insufferable bitch
they call you 'land of the free'
I call you when you know what freedom is
you say if I don't love you leave
i say just look in my heart
you know I'd rather fight than switch

(chorus) we believe immaculate regeneration
we dream impossible collaboration
(please) don't leave yr tongue out of this
kiss (kiss kiss goodnight sweet dreams)

somebody shot a hole in my sleep
all in a dream of us girl
making love beneath the water
whispering that 'this waking world is over
when yr mom busts in & slaps our pretty masks
back to the maker.'

(bridge) & after dying I'll go make some bread in
with all my pie-ing sky-ing shanty-peeps in
our bodies crying & crying

say good-bye but just don't leave me baby
I've been freaked about the world
& crying way too much already
let's skip back to the records we knew
with yr ghost in my throat
my fingers gambling in yr casino.